Matso's Broome Brewery


Conveniently located across the road from Moonlight Bay Suites, you simply must visit the Kimberley’s award winning brewery and restaurant. With our own on site custom designed brewery we endeavor to marry our menu to the beer we produce, also Broome’s Asian cultural influence allows our chefs to be adventurous and creative. 

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Gabi's Restaurant - Halls Creek


Located at Kimberley Hotel next to reception. Enjoy pool and garden views through colonial windows and a comprehensive menu with an accent on variety and quality. Aquaint yourself with the history of Halls Creek with our extensive history wall, including a series of pictures and artefacts bringing tales of pioneers and early explorers of our great Kimberley region to life.

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    Zebra Rock Restaurant - Kununurra


    The Hotel Kununurra has food and beverage facilities to suit your every need. Serving the finest food and the coldest beverages.

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